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This Syllabus outline reflects the range of training currently undertaken by 121 Squadron.

Staff Part II Training
Instructional Techniques, Leadership,
NCO Development etc.

General Service Training - Continuance of First Class subjects

Extra-Murial Activities Training away from the Squadron through cadet
Air Experience Flying, Glider Pilot Training, Familiarisation Gliding, Annual Camps, Opportunity Flights, LACE Visits Abroad, Leadership Courses, visits to RAF Stations, Adventure Training, etc.
Citizenship Training Training undertaken by all Cadets at the Squadron HQ or in the community Visits to and talks by Local Bodies e.g. Councils, Airport Authorities, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services.
Organised Assistance to Local Hospice, Hospitals, Ex Service associations and other community groups.
Participation in public events
Projects For each classification above First Class Cadet, minimum 25 hours Band Training, Field Gun Display team, Multi-Media Training Aids, Aircraft Recognition Aero modeling, Building & Maintenance, Squadron Website, Local aviation history.


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