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During our regular parade nights (Tuesday and Friday) at our headquarters, you will learn all about aeroplanes and aviation matters and how to conduct yourself in RAF uniform. Yes that includes lots of Drill and Bull.

When you start your training it will be as a Probationer Cadet - to see whether you like the ATC or not. If your attendance is regular and you show the necessary level of commitment and enthusiasm you should be enrolled within the squadron and issued with your uniform within approximately three months.

One thing that we would always ask all new recruits to remember is that they can't expect to be taking part in all the activities offered by the squadron as soon as they join up. Many activities are restricted to cadets of certain ages or to those who have reached a specific level of training.

When you are enrolled and uniformed you become a Second Class cadet and will continue your training on your First Class syllabus. Once you have passed your First Class cadet examination you will be entitled to take part in all sorts of additional activities such as attending annual camps and visits to other RAF stations.

We have mentioned the dreaded word 'Examination', don't panic, all the formal examinations are of a multiple-choice format, having said that, you will certainly have to know your stuff to pass.

Why not try your hand at some of the previous examination papers now. We have developed our very own online Examination Simulator, have you got what it takes to be an Air Cadet?

You will then continue you training to become a Leading cadet, then Senior cadet. The last stage of training is the Staff cadet course. Having achieved the final stage of your formal training, you will then be ready assist with squadron administration, to instruct younger cadets and to assume responsibility for various activities within the squadron.

The Air Cadet training syllabus is organised into 5 different subject areas, which are developed progressively throughout the cadet classifications. The subject areas are:-

General Service Training
Aircraft Operation

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Cadet NCO's and Staff cadets assist the adult staff by conducting lectures on a wide variety of subjects

Cadets undergoing basic expedition training

Cadets during propulsion systems training

Cadets receive their 1st Class cadet badges at the end of the first stage of their training

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