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Cadet Non Commissioned Officers (NCO's), actively contribute to the smooth running of our Squadron. The 121 ( Nuneaton ) Sqn. NCO team led by Flight Sergeant's Little and Hadley have all been appointed by the CO following a rigorous selection interview. The NCOs work very hard, in addition to ensuring good order and discipline and looking after the younger cadets, each NCO has other dedicated duties, such as being responsible for the upkeep of one of the buildings or helping the adult staff on the admin side .

There is four ranks to the NCO team, starting at Corporal, and progressing through the ranks of Sergeant, Flight Sergeant and Cadet Warrent Officer.
see Rank Structure - Air Cadet Organisation

Please click on the NCO's name to get an insight to their role at the squadron and their experiences in the ATC.

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Please remember that the NCOs are here to help. You can ask your questions on parade nights.
We're not all as scary as we look in the photographs so please come and talk to us if you need any help.

NCO Hints & Tips
- For Cadets

Ever needed help doing your uniform? Do you know how to polish your shoes properly? Do you know how to tie a Windsor knot? No? Then why not click on one of the guides and learn how to do your uniform properly. The guides are all written by the NCOs at 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron ATC, so you can gain the experience of the NCOs at the click of a button.

Learn how to tie a Windsor Knot here How to tie a windsor knot Learn how to polish your shoes How to polish your shoes
Learn how to Shape Your Beret How to Shape Your Beret Learn how position that new badge on your uniform Positioning of Badges on uniform
If you've got any useful Hints or Tips to share and would like to have them added to this page please see Cpl Mckeown.

NCO Resources
- For NCOs

The Squadrons Online Training Resources Library contains links to useful information that will help NCOs or those with potential to develop their skills.

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