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A Smashing way to end 2011

CWO Robert Allan gives the Squadron’s Christmas Donkey Piñata yet another unseasonable clobbering.As is the tradition at 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, the last parade of the year is always a time to let our hair down and have a bit of a laugh.

So on Friday 16th December, the last parade of the year, the cadets decided to have a 'Pub Quiz' and fish & chip supper instead of having a normal training session. All that was missing was the pub and the alcohol but we certainly didn't need either of them to have a brilliant evening.

During the Quiz, Teams of cadets battled it out through a range of film related subjects to become quiz champions. The fish & chip supper organised by WO Jim Taylor and paid for by the Squadron's Civilian Committee also went down well with the cadets. However things really started to get going when the final game started. This year the Squadron being keen on having a smashing time, decided to try knocking the stuffing out of a festive Piñata.

A Piñata, which originated from a Mexican Christmas tradition is a clay pot normally disguised as an animal or other object, ours was in the shape of a Christmas Donkey and was made of cardboard. In keeping with the traditional game the Piñata was filled with sweets and hung well above the heads of the cadets who took turns at hitting it with a stick. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because the cadets were blindfolded and their colleagues did their best to disorientate them and guide them away from the Piñata. After much laughter and hilarity someone eventually succeeded in breaking open the Piñata which poured its treasure trove of sweets all over the place thus resulting in a mad dash by everyone trying to grab as many as they could get their hands on.

Flt Lt Paul Hincks OIC 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “All said and done everyone had a really good night, an excellent way for the Squadron to say a smashing goodbye to yet another successful year of Air Cadet activities”.

Eyes down for the 2011 Christmas Quiz

A Smashing way for 121 Squadron to End 2011


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