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121 (Nuneaton) Squadron ATC has recently joined an exciting fund-raising initiative that could generate us significant funds towards our aims.

We now have a web-shop, which can be accessed, via our web-site This shop links to many high street retailers web-sites, and commissions are earned from these at the rates detailed on the site. The prices you pay are exactly the same as the retailer's standard online prices. The commission comes out of their profit.

Quite simply your purchases from this shop will earn commission for us. Please use our web-shop, and recommend it to your friends and family as well.

Use our online shop…
…. help us raise funds

The range of retailers in the shop should ensure that you will find what you're looking for whether it's for yourself or a present for someone else. So go on top up your CD collection - Join the RAC - Book a holiday!!

Please help out by letting us know what you think of our site, please sign our Guestbook.
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