Air cadet carries the National standard for War Widows

Royal Air Force Air Cadet  Paige Eaves with the National Standard of the War Widows Association of Great Britain. Thirteen-year-old Paige Eaves was one of the many Royal Air Force Air Cadets to attend the Bedworth Armistice Day parade on the 11th November. But for Paige, this was no ordinary parade. She had been selected to carry the National Standard of the War Widows Association of Great Britain.

Lucie Wilkinson of the War Widows Association had requested that Cadet Paige Eaves of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps carry the Associations National Standard during the parade and as such Paige found herself representing the women of Britain who are all too often forgotten as victims of war.

At Thirteen, Paige is just two years younger than Lucie Wilkinson was, when she joined the Word War II Belgian resistance movement. Lucie became part of an elaborate network which was responsible for helping ten British airmen to evade capture and make their way across occupied Europe and back to Britain.

After the parade Lucie Wilkinson and the other members of the War Widows Association contingent thanked Paige for the excellent way in which she had represented Britain's War Widows by carrying the Associations National Standard.

The War Widows Association is essentially a group that exists to improve the conditions of War Widows and their dependants. It helps women who have suffered bereavement as a result of World War II and all conflicts since then including Iraq and more recently Afghanistan. The Association also represents those who have suffered the loss of their husband in peacetime.

Flt Lt Paul Hincks, Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “This was the first time that Paige had carried a standard in a parade and with it being such an important National Association Standard at a major event, she was understandably a bit nervous. All I can say is that she did a marvellous job of representing both the Air Cadet Organisation and more importantly on this occasion the War Widows Association”.

Air Cadet Paige Eaves with Bedworth Armistice Day parade contingent of the War Widows Association. (Lucie Wilkinson first on the left in Red Beret)


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