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Young Volunteers clock up 500 hours of Community Service

Young Volunteers from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps have recently notched up 500 hours of voluntary community service under the Vinspired Award Scheme.

Cadet Warrant Officer Robert Allan, and Flight Sergeant Grant Roby were awarded their 250 Hour Vinspired Awards after taking part in a wide variety of their Squadrons voluntary activities within the local community.

The Vinspired Award Scheme is an initiative that was established to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of young people between the age of 16-24 in the voluntary sector and provides a nationally recognised accreditation which is accepted by employers.

Flight Sergeant Grant Roby,  Squadron Leader Bryan Coats and Cadet Warrant Officer Robert Allan

On presenting Robert and Grant with their Award badges, Squadron Leader Bryan Coats, Vinspired coordination Officer for Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing said, “It is very pleasing to present these awards to Robert and Grant as it demonstrates their clear commitment to both their Squadron and the wider community. To see two young people give up so much of their free time to help others is a positive example to all.”

Flt Lt Ian Crewe Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, "Our cadets contribute much of their time to help their local community and the Vinspired Award has provided them with recognition of this work. Unfortunately Robert and Grant will be the last Nuneaton Air Cadets to receive the Vinspired Awards as the scheme is no longer taking on new volunteers from the cadets. Having said that, the closure of the scheme doesn’t signal the end of the voluntary community service efforts of our cadets. The promotion and development of a spirit of good citizenship amongst our young people remains as one of our primary aims and our voluntary activities will continue”.

Youth Volunteers, Flight Sergeant Grant Roby and Cadet Warrant Officer Robert Allan clock up 500 hours of Community Service

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