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Air Cadets Go Nuclear with the 'Silent Service’

Nuneaton Based Air Cadets got a once in a lifetime tour of the USS Virginia, one of the United States Navy's most sophisticated nuclear attack submarines.

Royal Air Force Air Cadets visit the USS Virginia

The cadets who were on a week long camp at the Royal Naval Base at Whale Island Portsmouth with other Air Cadets from the Warwickshire & Birmingham area were expecting to see what life in the Royal Navy had to offer. Little did they know that they would actually get to see how the US Navy's most secret ‘silent service' operates.

The cadets described their tour of the USS Virginia as the highlight of the week and something they could never have expected. During their tour of the boat the crew showed the cadets just what life as a submariner was really like, having to live in such a confined space with over 130 other men and having to, what they call ‘hot-bunk' with two of their crew mates.

Royal Air Force Air Cadets visit the USS Virginia USS Virginia

But what the cadets really wanted to know was what the USS Virginia  could do and how she could run silent and undetected for so long with her capability to remain submerged only being limited by the amount of food she could carry for her crew.

In fact, the USS Virginia, nuclear attack submarine is one of the latest fly by wire submarines to be built for the US Navy and she is considered to be one of the most capable, quiet, and effective nuclear attack submarines in the world with an impressive array of weaponry, surveillance and covert operations capabilities which we are not allowed to tell you about. By the way, if you really want to know what she is capable of, juts have a look on the internet and most of what we were told about the USS Virginia, nuclear attack submarine will be revealed.

The crew of the USS Virginia were so friendly and only too pleased to show the cadets around their hi-tech boat and we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Captain and his crew for allowing us to come aboard for such an exciting and informative tour of one of the US Navy's finest and most impressive assets.


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