Nuneaton Air Cadets Cadets Saving Every Penny for Troop Aid

Nuneaton based Air Cadets have been saving every penny of their small change in their own bid to support our injured troops.

With so many injured members of the Armed Forces returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan the cadets of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron were keen to do something practical to help. So they decided to collect all their small change to raise money for Troop Aid.

As well as the small change collection the cadets also shut their canteen and put their tuck money into the collection. Cadet Grant Robey even went one step further and generously contributed the sum of £40 which he had put aside from the tips he had received from his Saturday job.

So when Al Sutton visited the Squadron headquarters to talk to the cadets about the work of Troop Aid the cadets presented him with the £164 that they had collected.

Mr Al Sutton, chairman of Troop Aid, thanked the cadets for their excellent effort in support of injured troops and said, “With your help we can make life a bit more comfortable for our injured troops returning from conflict in Afghanistan and elsewhere”.

Mr Sutton explained how injured troops were returning to the United Kingdom from war zones with nothing more than their uniform. He went on to describe how the injured arrive at Selly Oak Hospital's Alexander Wing and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham without civilian clothing and no money to purchase basic essentials. He also explained how the money raised by the cadets would be used to supply injured personnel with packs containing full washing and shaving kit, trainers, socks, underwear, civilian clothing and treats such as chocolate and biscuits.

Flight Lieutenant Ian Crewe Officer Commanding 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron said, “The cadets came up with the idea to start the small change collection after they heard about the plight of injured service personnel and the work of Troop Aid. It just shows how much our young cadets care about and support those who have been wounded in the service of their country.”

Troop Aid was founded in November 2006 by three ex servicemen, Ray Warren, Captain (retired) Al Sutton and Derek Joss as a result of a visit to Selly Oak Hospital 's Alexander Wing in Birmingham . This is the home of the Defence Medical Welfare Services who are responsible for the welfare of all Armed Forces Personnel, male and female who have been injured during the conflict in Iraq , Afghanistan and elsewhere. For more information about the work of Troop Aid or to make a donation please visit

Flight Lieutenant Ian Crewe and the Air Cadets of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, who saved every penny, present Al Sutton, chairman of Troop Aid, with their bucket of small change.

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