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Weeks of hard work by Nuneaton Air Cadets paid off this weekend as they managed to retain their first place position in two prestigious competitions for the third year running

On 26 June cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps together with contingents from 26 other Air Cadet units within the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing assembled at Bramcote Barracks for the Wings annual training day and review.

The Training Day, possibly the largest event of the year for the Wing, attended by hundreds of cadets and staff from all over the region, is a day of inter-squadron competition and an opportunity for cadets to take part in a variety of training activities. It's also a fantastic opportunity for cadets and staff to get together with all their friends and colleagues from other squadrons and catch up with all the latest happenings on their units.

The day's competitive events included the band competition, drill, first aid, public relations, marksmanship, aircraft recognition, modelling and sports such as football and netball.

In addition to the competitive events cadets had the opportunity to qualify for their RAF swimming proficiency certificate, visit various uniformed service careers displays and undergo other forms of training.

The Nuneaton Squadrons first aid and aircraft recognition teams performed well in their events. The drill team put on a magnificent display but the highlight of the day for the Nuneaton cadets came when they managed to take first place in the band competition for the third year running. Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks Communications Officer for 121 Squadron said "the cadets and band staff have worked so hard to retain the Wing band trophy for the third time. The cadets themselves had requested additional training sessions and on the day everything fell into place in what was a truly outstanding performance. Having won the trophy for the best band in the Nuneaton Carnival last week and the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing band trophy today we are hoping to make it yet another hat-trick by winning the Central and East Regional competition at RAF Wittering in September".

The Squadrons Corporate Communications team also managed to pull off a clean sweep in the public relations competitions by winning the award for best PR coverage during 2005, the Cadet and Staff photographic competitions and the award for the production of the best Squadron website They will also be representing the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing in the Regional competition for the third year running in a bid to retain the regional Corporate Communications trophy, which they have held for the last two years.

The Training Day ended with a parade during which the reviewing officer, Group Captain G.J. Fletcher Director of Training at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering Cosford, presented Flight Lieutenant Ian Crewe Officer Commending 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron with the Cadet Forces Medal in recognition of his service to the Air Cadet Movement.

Group Captain Fletcher also presented awards to the competition winners, which included Nuneaton 's Cadet Sergeant Graham Barber who collected the trophy on behalf of the 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron band. Cadet Corporal Rebecca Bennett who received two awards on behalf of the Squadrons Corporate Communications team, Cadet Corporal Dale Mckeown received the award for best cadet photograph and Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks received the award for best staff photograph.

Flight Lieutenant Ian Crewe said, "All the training and effort that our cadets and staff have put in over the past few months in preparation for the Wing Training Day came to fruition today. Every cadet should be justly proud of his or her performance, I hope we can repeat our success when we compete at regional level in September".

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121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Band take first place in the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing band competition for the third year running – Click to enlarge.
Cdt Cpl Rebecca Bennett and Cdt Cpl Dale Mckeown demonstrate the Nuneaton Squadrons award winning website – Click to enlarge121 Squadrons drill team in action under the command of Cdt Sgt Paul Brown – Click to enlarge.
Group Captain G.J. Fletcher presents Flt Lt Ian Crewe Officer Commending 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron with the Cadet Forces Medal in recognition of his service to the Air Cadet Movement – Click to enlarge.The Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing Banner on parade – Click to enlarge.Group Captain Fletcher presents Cdt Sgt Graham Barber with the wing band trophy – Click to enlarge.

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