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Nuneaton Air Cadets scoop first place in four prestigious competitions as more than 500 Cadets converged on Bramcote Barracks near Nuneaton for a day of impressive activity and competition.

On 13 June 04 cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps together with contingents from 26 other Air Cadet units within the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing assembled at Bramcote for the Wings annual training day and review.

The Training Day, possibly the largest event of the year for the Wing, attended by hundreds of cadets and staff from all over the region, is a day of inter squadron competition and an opportunity for cadets to take part in a variety of training activities. It's also a fantastic opportunity for cadets and staff to get together with all their friends and colleagues from other squadrons and catch up with all the latest happenings on their units.

The day's competitive events included the band competition, drill, first aid, public relations, marksmanship, aircraft recognition, modelling and sports such as football and netball.

In addition to the competitive events cadets had the opportunity to qualify for their RAF swimming proficiency certificate, visit various uniformed service careers displays and undergo other forms of training.

The Nuneaton Squadrons first aid and aircraft recognition teams performed well in their events. The drill team put on a magnificent display, something to be proud of. The highlight of the day for the Nuneaton cadets came when they managed to take first place in the band competition for the second year running. The Squadrons Corporate Communications team also managed to pull off a clean sweep in the public relations competitions by winning the award for best PR coverage during 2004, the photographic competition and the award for the production of the best promotional video.

Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks who heads up the Squadrons Corporate Communications team said, "Our success in this event is largely attributable to the support and coverage we have received from local press over the past year".

Following their success, the Squadrons band and Corporate Communications team will be representing the Warwickshire and Birmingham wing at the regional competitions at RAF Wittering in September.

The Training Day ended with a parade during which the reviewing officer, RAF Inspector of Recruiting, Group Captain Dawn McCafferty, presented awards to competition winners. Cadet Sergeant Jemma Canning collected the trophy on behalf of the 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron band. Cadet Sergeant Sarah Johnson and Cadet Aimée Lockley received the three awards on behalf of the Squadrons Corporate Communications team.

Group Captain Dawn McCafferty said "When I was asked to attend the wing's field day I had expected it to be a small event nothing to major. But as I drove onto the camp I was absolutely blown away. It is a tribute to the Air Cadet Organisation that so many people are prepared to give up so much of their time to stage such an event. This must be the culmination of weeks of hard work and preparation. As head of recruiting for the Royal Air Force, whilst I appreciate that many cadets will choose other careers when they come out of the Air Cadet Organisation if only a very small number of them decide to follow in my footsteps they will be most welcome and I am reassured of the future of the Royal Air Force when I see the quality and talent of the young people standing on this parade square this afternoon".

This year's final parade was an important occasion for every member of Warwickshire and Birmingham wing. The wing was presented with a new banner, which was dedicated by the wing chaplain Rev. Brian Castle. Cadet Abba of 1368 ( Warwick ) Squadron had the honour of being the first cadet to carry the new Wing Banner on parade. The 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron band, as this years competition winners, provided the music as the wing marched past with the salute being taken by Group Captain Dawn McCafferty.

Additional Training Day images now available

The band of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, winners of the 2004 Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing band competitionCadet Abba of 1368 (Warwick) Squadron parades the new Wing Banner in front of the Warwickshire and Birmingham wing.
Cadet Aimée Lockley receives the Corporate Communications competition award from RAF Inspector of Recruiting, Group Captain Dawn McCafferty watched over by Officer Commanding Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing, Wing Commander Pravin Ladwa
Cadet Sergeant Jemma Canning receives the band competition trophy from RAF Inspector of Recruiting, Group Captain Dawn McCaffertyWarrant Officer Jim Sinfield inspects the 121(Nuneaton) Squadron Dill team watched over by Cadet Sergeant Sarah Johnson.The 2004 Wing Photographic competition winning entry submitted by Cadet Sweeney.

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