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Squadron’s Annual Inspection Brings Promotion for Taras

The Nuneaton based Air Cadets knew it was an important night for the entire Squadron when their Wing Staff Officer, Sqn Ldr Bryan Coats visited them to conduct the unit’s recent annual inspection, but for one cadet his visit meant a much deserved promotion.

During his inspection of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Sqn Ldr Bryan Coats took the opportunity to promote Cdt Cpl Taras Andrusin to the rank of Cadet Sergeant.

Sqn Ldr Bryan Coats promotes Taras Andrusin to the rank of Cadet Sergeant

Sqn Ldr Bryan Coats said, “I am delighted to have been asked to present Taras with his Sergeants stripes. His promotion marks a significant development in his Air Cadet career as he moves up from junior NCO to Senior NCO. I am sure he will rise to the responsibilities and challenges of his new position on the Squadron”.

Sqn Ldr Bryan Coats promotes Taras Andrusin to the rank of Cadet Sergeant

Having promoted Taras, Sqn Ldr Bryan Coats went on to address the whole Squadron regarding their annual inspection, saying, “I am pleased to say that this years inspection has seen an improvement in the Squadrons performance and with the help of the new staff that the unit has attracted, the future is looking far better for 121 Squadron in 2013”.

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