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A Swimming Success for Nuneaton Duo

Nuneaton's Top Air Cadet Swimmers Joe Peffers & Gemma Porter show of some of their impressive collection of championship medals. (Gemma is holding her two 2010 National Championship medals).Two cadets from Nuneaton have recently managed to pull off an unbelievably outstanding performance at the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Swimming Championships.

The two Champion Swimmers, Gemma Porter and Joe Peffers were the only cadets representing 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron at this years Wing Swimming Championships. However, despite the fact that they must have been the smallest team the Squadron had ever fielded and they must have felt as if they had no chance of any success when they were faced by much larger teams from other units, they were determined to do their best and just kept on winning medals.

Cadet Gemma Porter took the Gold in the senior girls breaststroke and then another Gold in the individual medley and Silver in the butterfly. Her single handed effort on behalf of the girls at 121 Squadron unbelievably earned Nuneaton second place in the overall senior girls championship.

Cadet Joe Peffers also added to Nuneaton 's medal tally and did his Squadron proud when he gained the Gold in the senior boys breaststroke.

As a result of their local championship success, Gemma Porter and Joe Peffers have both been selected to represent Warwickshire & Birmingham at the Central and East Regional Swimming Championships which will be held at RAF Cranwell on Sunday. 23rd October 2011.

Mark Porter who accompanied the intrepid swimming duo from 121 Squadron said, “I was delighted with Joe and Gemma's performance. With only two cadets in our team they did Nuneaton proud with a total of three Gold's and a Silver and to end up coming 2nd in the senior girls championship with only one team member is just unbelievable.”

He added, “It's a shame we didn't have a whole team there, we could have achieved so much more. Hopefully the outstanding efforts of our small team of two cadets this year will serve to encourage more of our cadets to take part next year. Who knows, perhaps we could attain even better results with a larger team.”

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