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The Stig Breaks His Silence

The Stig, an iconic TV character who never talks, broke his vow of silence when he took to the controls of a 747 crewed by the Nuneaton based Air Cadets.

The Stig takes to the controls of the 747 with FS Peter Hadley as his co-pilot

The Stig, a character on the British motoring television show Top Gear is famous for his Anonymity and Silence. Seen by millions as the racing suit, full-face helmet clad racing driver who Clarkson describes as "not a very talkative chap," always remains silent on TV and in public. However, when he recently met up with the Air Cadets aboard a Boeing 747 at Bruntingthorpe he actually broke his Silence.

The moment the Stig broke his silence came as he joined the Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron on the top deck of the 747 before entering the cockpit when due to the heat, the visor of his full-face helmet misted up. He didn’t say much, just a forlorn cry “I can’t see”. Not much of a conversation, but when he did speak it came as a total surprise to everyone.

Once he’d been directed to the cockpit and had time to demist he reverted back to his non-talkative self and posed for photographs with the staff and cadets.



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