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Two members of 121 squadron have recently received appointments as uniformed members of staff.

On behalf of all members of 121 Squadron we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Plt Off. Pinner and
WO Anderson on their appointments.

Ben Pinner.

Ben has successfully completed his regional commissioning board and has subsequently received a commission at the rank of Plt Off. (Pilot Officer) in the RAFVR(T).

Plt Off. Pinner is no stranger to uniformed service with the squadron. He joined the squadron as a cadet in October 1995 and successfully worked his way through the cadet rank structure to become a CWO (Cadet Warrant Officer) in October 2001.

During his time as a cadet Ben played a full and active part in all squadron activities, however his most notable achievements have taken place in the air. Since completing his Flying Scholarship in February 1999 he has managed to work his way through the various stages of advanced glider pilot training and has recently attained his G1 category, a qualification which enables him to take up a post as a member of staff at 637 VGS RAF little Rissington as an instructor.

Plt Off. Pinner has been appointed as the 121 squadron adjutant.

Steve Anderson

Steve has recently been appointed as an AWO (Adult Warrant Officer)and will serve with the squadron as the band Warrant Officer.

WO Anderson has served with the squadron as a Civilian Instructor for two years and has contributed significantly to the recent success of the band.

Before joining 121 squadron Steve served with two other squadrons as a civilian instructor before moving into the Nuneaton area.



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