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We Will Remember Them
Special Remembrance Service for the Elderly

Thanks to the efforts of the Pastoral Care Service and Sgt Amiee Easterlow of 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron, war veterans and the elderly residents of Nuneaton 's Stan Williams Court , who are unable to make it to traditional outdoor Remembrance events, have been able to pay their respects to the fallen during their very own special service.

The format of the service followed that which had been conducted at War Memorials throughout the country on November 8 th with members of ex-service organisations dipping their standards in respect as Sgt Amiee Easterlow from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron provided a moving performance of the Last Post. Residents showed their respect and contemplated their own memories during the silence.

After the Service Amiee said, “On Remembrance and Armistice Day we all focus our attentions on the events which take place at War Memorials but we overlook those elderly members of our community who are unable to attend. This service is our way of remembering them and enabling them to take part in their very own service of Remembrance.”

Sgt Amiee Easterlow of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron pays the Last Post


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