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Snow couldn’t stop the band from Playing

When one of the recent heavy snowfalls prevented the members of the Nuneaton Air Cadet band from getting to band practice, it didn't stop some of them from playing.

Four of the 121 Squadron's intrepid musicians managed to battle their way through the snow, determined to play at their regular Sunday morning band practice, however with only the four of them and no instructor it wasn't long before it became obvious that they wouldn't be playing much music.

Having ruled out their normal form of playing, Play was exactly what they had in mind as they set to work in the Squadron's snow-bound car park. It wasn't long before the valiant four became five as they revealed their Squadrons latest recruit, Sgt Snow.

Unfortunately, Sgt Snow didn't stick around long enough to attend the next band practice when normal play was resumed.

121 (Nuneaton) Squadron’s latest recruit, Sgt Snow



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