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On Sunday 11th of November, 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron joined the ranks of veterans from the Royal British Legion together with other ex-service organisations for the Nuneaton Remembrance Parade. A large contingent from 30 th Signals Regiment as well as other service personnel were also on parade, many of whom had recently seen service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Parade which was led by the Air Cadet band was a stirring sight, with a forest of the Royal British Legion, ex-service Association and Cadet Standards fluttering in the autumn wind as they marched in procession from the town hall to the Nuneaton War Memorial in Riversley Park.

This year there was a pause in the Civic Parties procession along Coton Road on the way to the Riversley Park. A particularly poignant moment when the Mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth Councillor Bill Shepherd in his full scarlet ceremonial robes, laid a wreath at the foot of the empty plinth where the bronze statue of a British infantryman once stood as a memorial to the men from the town, who died in the Boer War. The statue was stolen almost a year ago, two days after last years Remembrance Service.

A large crowd stood around the War Memorial in Riversley Park in silent remembrance. At the 11 th hour of the 11 th day of the 11 th month, bugler Amiee Easterlow of the Squadron band played the Last Post as the standards were dipped in salute. An armed cadet honour guard formed by cadets from all three services and commanded by 121 Squadrons Warrant Officer Jim Taylor, stood vigil at the War memorial during the wreath laying ceremony, which was led by the Mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth and other civic leaders, service representatives and members of ex-service organisations.

Following the service the parade led by the band of 121 Squadron formed up for the march past, along Coton Road and past the saluting base at the Council House.

After the parade Ex-Royal Marine Jesse Owen who was the Parade Marshall said, “I think the Air Cadet band and the honour guard did a splendid job and I would particularly like to thank the bugler Amiee Easterlow for a job well done. I know how nervous she was about performing such an important task in front of so many people but she and the rest of the Squadron should be justly proud of themselves”

121 Squadron Tribute to the fallen

Air Cadet honour guard stands vigil at the War memorial during the wreath laying ceremony – Click to enlarge
121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Bandmaster, Amiee Easterlow plays Last Post and Reveille – Click to enlarge

The Royal British Legion was created to preserve the spirit of fellowship and service to others formed by all ranks and to maintain, in a strong, stimulating, united comradeship, all those who have served in H.M. Forces, or Auxiliary Forces or who are still serving so that neither their efforts nor their interests shall be forgotten; and that their welfare and that of the dependants of those who died in the service of their country may be safeguarded; and that just and equitable treatment shall be secured to them in respect of the difficulties caused in their lives as a result of their service.

121 Squadron ATC is affiliated to the Nuneaton & Stockingford branch of the Royal British Legion.

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