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Drumming all the way to the Central & East Regional Field Day

On Sunday 4th September 2011 the drummers from the band of 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron braved appalling weather conditions at Royal Air Force Wittering as they competed against five other wing percussion sections in the band competition at the Central and East Regional field day.

As the Cadets faced what can only be described as the worst weather to ever befall a Regional field day and with little in the way of foul weather alternative venues, their enthusiasm for competition wasn't dampened, which is more than can be said for the cadets themselves, who spent the day constantly trying to avoid a drenching from constant downpours.

Having had a moan about the weather let's not forget that it was a day of competition and that the enthusiastic, although soggy, Nuneaton based drummers representing the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing put of an excellent performance.

As the day progressed our cadets battled it out against both the weather and the teams from other wings, doing their best to win their event and looking forward to the prospect of being presented with a trophy during the final parade.

Unfortunately a prolonged bout of torrential rain decided to put pay to any idea of holding a final parade and all the sodden cadets and staff were sent home without knowing any of the results.

I know this report has taken some time to surface and I can't blame that on the weather, however for those of you who don't already know Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing came first in seven competitions, unfortunately for our drummers the percussion section of the band competition wasn't one of them.

Full results for all the competitions

Once again, sorry for the delay in publishing this report and sorry if I didn't manage to get photographs of you all, blame the weather for that one. I would however like to say a big thank you on behalf of the Squadron and Wing to every member of the team for all your hard work and an outstanding performance under very difficult conditions, a splendid performance.

Drumming all the way to the Central & East Regional Field Day - Click to View More Images


More Images from the Central & East Regional Field Day

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