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Red Nose Day, Rank Swap

Fun Raising Nuneaton based Royal Air Force Air Cadets did something funny for money when they Swapped Ranks with their Officers and NCO’s in support of Comic Relief.

Nuneaton Based Air Cadets Red Nose Day, Rank Swap

On Friday 15th March, Red Nose Day, the cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron had to chance to see what it was like to run their own parade as they swapped places with the Squadron adult staff and Cadet NCO’s.

As part of the Squadron’s efforts to Fun Raise for Comic Relief the more junior members of the Squadron jumped at the chance of becoming an NCO, the Squadron Warrant Officer or an Officer and in the case of Cadet Cameron Bennett the top slot as Officer Commanding 121 Squadron.

Having received his ‘for one night only’ promotion to Flight Lieutenant, Cameron Bennett went on to lead the Squadron parade supported by many of his fellow cadets who had also received temporary elevation to the higher ranks.

Cadet Jim Taylor (temporarily demoted from Squadron Warrant Officer) promotes Cameron Bennett to the rank of ‘one night only’ Flight Lieutenant

Flight Lieutenant Bennett said, “It’s been a really fun night and it was a real change for us to turn the tables on the Staff and make them do the drill. What’s even better is that we have managed to raise money to help those less fortunate than ourselves and we’ve had fun doing it.”

The Rank Swap was only the start of the Nuneaton Air Cadets Fun Raising Comic Relief Efforts, On Saturday 16th March the cadets would once again be donning their Red Noses for a Comic Relief Bag Pack in Sainsbury’s. More on that part of the cadets Fun Raising story to follow.



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