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Nuneaton Air Cadets are ‘Doing Something Funny for Money’ on Red Nose Day 18th March 2011. Are You!

We Did Something Funny For Money on Red Nose Day - Did You!

Nuneaton based air cadets answered the call to Do Something Funny for Money on Red Nose Day.

Determined to do their bit to help raise money for those less fortunate than themselves, the Air Cadets from
121 (Nuneaton) Squadron dressed up in all manner of funny costumes for their very own Red Nose Fancy Dress Quiz Night.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Grant Roby who organised the Nuneaton Air Cadet Fancy Dress Quiz Night, said, "The cadets were determined to do something for Red Nose Day 2011 and I think we all had a fantastic time as well as raising some much needed cash. Everybody entered into the spirit of the event, dressing up in some really ridiculous costumes and the Quiz definitely got some of the grey matter working hard".

He added, "We managed to raise £93 on the night, I know it doesn't sound very much in the grand scheme of things but every little helps and this is our way of showing that we care. You've only got to see some of those Red Nose television reports about the children in Africa suffering from malaria and realise that our £93 could provide mosquito nets at £5 each for 18 children which would help to stop them from becoming infected with what is a preventable deadly disease.

We Did Something Funny For Money on Red Nose Day - Did You!

We Did Something Funny For Money on Red Nose Day - Did You!

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