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Air Cadets Go Ready Steady Cook

Royal Air Force Air Cadets from 121Nuneaton Squadron demonstrated their culinary talents when they undertook a new challenge of ready steady cook.

Each team was given a budget of £5 to buy ingredients and cook a three course meal which is no small task given that they didn’t have access to a kitchen and had to prepare their meals using camping stoves. All the teams worked well together and completed the task in hand.

Once the cadets had served up their gastronomic delights the Squadron staff had to sample each of the meals and deliver their verdict.

All five teams of budding chefs did a brilliant job with what can only be described as limited resources, some producing what can only be termed as very challenging dishes including homemade Ice Cream and a Baked Alaska and as you can imagine there wasn’t a lot of that left over after the staff had sampled it, Several Times! 

Thankfully, there were no sudden staff vacancies at 121 Squadron and no members of staff were harmed during the testing of the food served up by the cadets.



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