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Air Cadets RAC up the hours in the Flight Simulator

Two Nuneaton based Air Cadets have just completed the Pre Gliding Scholarship Training Course at the Air Cadet Regional Activity Centre (RAC) at RAF Cranwell.

Budding glider pilots, Cdt Daniel Humpage and Cdt Benjamin Little

The two budding glider pilots, Cdt Daniel Humpage and Cdt Benjamin Little, spent a whole day in the state of the art flight simulator room learning how to fly the G109B Vigilant T1 motor glider, without even leaving the ground. The Pre Gliding Scholarship Training Course is designed to take cadets through all the upper air exercises that they'll face during their Gliding Scholarship and just like the actual flying training culminated in each cadet successfully flying a complete solo circuit of the airfield.

Wing Commander Bernard Tisley, in his role as Central & East Regional Aerospace Officer said, “Current experience is showing that cadets who undergo the Pre Gliding Scholarship Training Course in the simulator are more likely to reach the solo silver wings standard during their actual Royal Air Force Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship.”

Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron who accompanied the cadets said, “The motor glider simulator used by the cadets at the Regional Activity Centre and the highly professional level of tuition they received from their the instructor, will have provided these cadets with all the skills and knowledge needed to enable them to have the best chance of reaching the required standard to be able to fly solo in a Royal Air Force Vigilant T1 during an actual Gliding Scholarship”.

View More Images of the Pre Gliding Scholarship Training Course

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