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The day the OCís Moustache came OFF

Yes after God knows how many years of having had his nose underlined, Flt Lt Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 Squadron sacrificed his beloved moustache in an attempt to raise much needed funds to replace the Squadron’s minibus that was recently written off in an accident on the M6.

The OC’s cherished moustache was ceremoniously removed in public at the Nuneaton Armed Forces Day event on 24th June.

So many people didn’t believe that the moustache that has reputedly been in place since 1976 would ever come off so photographs were taken as evidence to prove that it was removed.

Speaking of evidence, having had it removed the OC was arrested by the police and charged with criminal damage to a Moustache!

So if you didn’t manage to get to sponsor Flt Lt Hincks to have his Moustache removed before the event, you could still do so now. By the way, not only do we need to raise money for the minibus, we now also need to raise the bail for the Police to release hm.

Only kidding he’s already out on the streets in position of a stark-naked upper lip.


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