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On Friday 22 nd September the cadets from 121 ( Nuneaton ) squadron found
their normal parade night replaced by a demanding night exercise full of mental and physical challenges. The filed exercise held within the training ground of the 30 Signals Regiment Gamecock Barracks was the culmination of weeks of training and preparation.

During the Night Ex the cadets had to put their classroom knowledge of map and compass work into practise as they successfully navigated their way around the training area only to find themselves faced with multiple scenarios designed to
test their leadership, field craft skills and their knowledge of First Aide.

The Squadron training officer Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, “The cadets always enjoy these Night Exercises, it's amazing how eager they are to get their DP (disruptive pattern) kit on, cover themselves in cam cream and get stuck into the tasks they've been given. This exercise has not only been lots of fun for everyone involved it's also enabled us to assess the effectiveness of the training given to the cadets.”

Having completed the Night Ex, members of the Squadron's Civilian Committee were on hand to dish out hot soup and bread. A fitting end to what was a truly successful and enjoyable night for all involved.

Cadets negotiate their way through the ‘Spider’s Web’ during one of the leadership tasks – Click to enlarge
Casualty evacuation task  – Click to enlarge
Teamwork and leadership lead to the successful completion of the Casualty evacuation task  – Click to enlarge

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