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Cadets put New Radios to the test at Signals Regiment baseOn Friday 25th May the cadets from 121 ( Nuneaton ) squadron took delivery of 12 new hand held radios. It just so happened that the squadron had coincidentally organised a radio exercise for that same evening which was due to be conducted using their old sometimes unreliable equipment. So as soon as the new kit had been unpacked it was on its way to the field training area of the 30 Signals Regiment base at Gamecock Barracks near Nuneaton .

The object of this training exercise (the second in preparation for a planed 24 hour activity) was to demonstrate the need for accurate transmission and recording of messages under field conditions. Four teams of cadets were directed around an orienteering course. Each team was controlled by fellow cadets who manned a base station from which the teams were fed with the grid references and bearings for each waypoint.

Just to make it interesting the teams of cadets were also instructed to avoid members of staff who had been tasked with disrupting their mission. With the possibility of members of the 30 Signals Regiment who operate in the same area listening into our transmissions the cadets had been reminded of the importance of correct radio transmission procedures.

The Squadron training officer Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, “The new radio equipment made all the difference to this training exercise. We had all sorts of contingency plans ready for sending messages if, or should I say when the old equipment failed. As it was the reliability of the new kit enabled us to conduct the exercise as intended. I was really impressed with the cadets RT procedures as well as the map and compass work which was also required to complete the course”.

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