Netball Girls Play Against the odds

When the girls of the Nuneaton based Air Cadet Netball Team found themselves two players short to compete in their Wing tournament for the second year running they knew all the odds were against them winning. But once again in the best spirits of the Air Cadet Organisation and in the knowledge that they would be playing against full teams of seven the Nuneaton five decided to carry on regardless and face the challenge.

Nuneaton’s Netball Girls Play Against all odds.  Sophie Ross, Holly Odam, Atlanta Curless, Hollie Farmer and Breanne Richter

When the Squadron entered the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Netball tournament they were sure of being able to turn out a full team of seven. On the day they were down to six players but they were still up for the challenge, Unfortunately as the time for their first match drew closer one of the intrepid six felt unwell and had to drop out and subsequently the number of girls able to play had reduced to five.

Knowing they were well and truly up against seemingly impossible odds the Nuneaton team; Cpl Breanne Richter, Cdt Atlanta Curless, Holly Odam, Hollie Farmer and Sophie Ross faced up to the full team of seven girls from opposition in round two of the competition.

The Nuneaton girls played extremely well with some very accurate passing and ball control which enabled them to hold their own against the opposition and placing pressure on their net scoring several goals. However despite all their efforts the Nuneaton five couldn't hold out against the opposing team of seven girls who eventually went on to win the game.

Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Flt Lt Paul Hincks said, “The girls played a really good game and I'm sure that with a full team of seven the result would have been different. Atlanta, Breanne, Holly, Hollie and Sophie all stood up to the challenge and against all odds represented their Squadron. Well done girls and hopefully we'll be back again next year, with a full team of seven”.

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