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Members of the 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron Band were on hand to drum up support for the appeal to replace the town's distinctive war memorial which was stolen from its plinth in the solemn wake of remembrance weekend.

Part of the Squadrons percussion section joined members of the local Gurkha community on the stall in the marketplace on Saturday. The Air Cadet drummers, much to the delight of passers-by played various well known marches and demonstrated the art of stick drill as the Gurkhas and other members of the ex-service community collected donations from the public.

Thanks to the Cadets Call to Drums which saw £693 donated the Memorial Appeal Fund total now stands at £8,188.

Flt Lt Hincks of 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron said, “We are determined to do all it can to help our community to replace the War Memorial which had stood proudly in the town for 101 years before it was unceremoniously hacked from its plinth. The cadets who turned out on Saturday did a wonderful job considering the weather conditions. Thanks to their efforts it won't be long before they can stand proudly in front of the new War Memorial knowing that they helped to make its replacement possible”.

121 (Nuneaton) Squadron drummers and Gurkhas support Memorial Appeal Fund

How Can You Help
If you would like to help to replace this tribute to our war dead, donations can be made at the NatWest Bank to: Nuneaton and Bedworth bronze statue account – 56580770 (sort code) 54 21 13.

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