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Firsts In Media Communications & Photography

Once again our Media Communications team have more than adequately demonstrated their ability to tell a good story in the press by winning the Mills Trophy that’s based of the coverage the Squadron gets throughout the year within the local press, radio and social media.

Cadet Sgt Paige Eaves receives the Public Relations, Mills Trophy
from Commandant Air Cadets Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty 

Our Photographers also demonstrated their keen eye for a good shot with Sgt Shaun Hadley winning the portfolio section of the photographic competition and Sgt Robert Ormston coming so close to the trophy in second place of the individual photo section. Sadly there was some form of Oscar Awards style error during the presentations and Shaun didn’t get presented with the Trophy that he should have received.

The OC Flt Lt Hincks also managed to scoop first place in the Staff section of both the portfolio and single photograph.
Sgt Paige Eaves also did an outstanding job with our Media Design entry, coming away with a creditable third place earning us a very much needed 10 points towards our total score. The competition in this section of the media was extremely high this year and the chosen subject, the design of a Squadron media plan was very complicated and required an immense amount of effort on her part.

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