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Marcus Jones MP Backs Nuneaton Air Cadets

During a special visit to 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, Marcus Jones Member of Parliament for Nuneaton paid tribute to the valuable contribution to the local community made by the towns Air Cadets.

Marcus, always keen to take an interest in the activities of young people within the community, had taken time out of his busy schedule to join the Nuneaton based Air Cadets for their recent presentation evening, during which he was invited to make two very special presentations to one of Nuneaton's highest flying cadets.

Marcus Jones, Member of Parliament for Nuneaton presents Sergeant Michael Hadley with his Certificate of appointment as Lord Lieutenant's Cadet for Warwickshire and his Gliding Scholarship Certificate

Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks, Officer Commanding 121 Squadron explained, ”On Tuesday 24th April this year, Cadet Sergeant Michael Hadley was formally appointed as Her Majesties Lord Lieutenant's Cadet for Warwickshire. Rather disappointingly the rest of the Squadron were unable to witness the event. So it seemed, only fitting that Marcus Jones Member of Parliament for Nuneaton , a member of Her Majesties government, be invited to re-present Michael with his certificate of appointment in front of the whole Squadron”.

Sergeant Michael Hadley has indeed shown that he has a creditable ground based activity and academic training record, however it is fitting that as an Air Cadet it's Michael's enthusiasm for flying and his natural potential as a pilot which have enabled him to pursue his passion for flying.

At the age of 17 Michael completed his Gliding Scholarship training to solo standard thus achieving his Silver wings, however, Michael's Gliding Scholarship solo wasn't his first, as at the age of 16 he actually undertook his first solo powered flight as part of his civil flying training.

Since completing his Gliding Scholarship training Michael has been selected to join No. 633 Volunteer Gliding Squadron at RAF Cosford as a Staff Cadet and is currently undergoing his Advanced Glider Pilot training, the successful completion of which could potentially see him progressing through the necessary glider pilot categories required to reach his goal of becoming a qualified instructor.

Michael has most certainly put the ‘Air' into his Cadet career. He has truly demonstrated that he is an outstanding example to other young people within our Squadron and the community as a whole.

Marcus Jones MP Backs Nuneaton Air Cadets

During his address, Marcus Jones MP, congratulated all the cadets and thanked the Squadron for all its work within the community. He went on to say how much he appreciated the value of the training given to cadets and how the teamwork and leadership skills of the Cadet Forces are setting a shining example to other young people within society.

He went on to say that the young people within the Squadron would benefit from their time in the Air Cadets and would develop attributes that will stand them in good stead for the future whatever career path they choose. In conclusion he said that the squadron's staff deserve enormous credit for this, as it is their dedication and professionalism that make it all possible.

Marcus Jones Member of Parliament for Nuneaton with Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks, Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron


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