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Air and Sea Cadets join forces during annual camp at RAF CottesmoreAir Cadet camps at RAF Cottesmore are nothing new but since the Joint Harrier Force moved in, cadet annual camps on the station have changed.

When the Air Cadets from
121 (Nuneaton) Squadron recently arrived at RAF Cottesmore for one of the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing's camps they expected to see the RAF and Naval aircraft which now make up the Joint Harrier Force. What they didn't know was that they themselves were about to spend the week as part of a joint service Cadet Force.

Following the lead of both parent services, which now operate out of RAF Cottesmore the Air and Sea Cadets joined forces for the duration of the camp.

The camp programme contained all the normal activities associated with annual camps on RAF stations but the big difference with this camp was that the Air and Sea cadets had so much to learn about each others organisations and the way they do things.

Air Cadet, Paige Howitt from 121 Squadron said, “We were split up into different flights, I had two Sea Cadets in my tent. It was quite unusual at first but in no time at all we were all working as a team. It was funny really, we even managed to combine different elements of RAF and Naval drill into the inter flight drill competition. I think the biggest plus for the Sea Cadets of being on an Air Cadet camp was the flying, I wonder if we'll manage to get a camp on one of the Royal Navy's aircraft carriers?”

Read Cadet Paige Howitt's own account of the RAF Cottesmore camp in the Cadet Zone


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