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Halloween Monster Bash

It's that time of year again, when all the witches spooks monsters and warlocks come out to roam the streets and put the fear of God into all mortal beings but there's nothing quite as terrifying as Air Cadets when they take off their uniforms to reveal the full horror of their true identity.

Thankfully we only let them out once a year at the Squadrons Halloween party so that they can let their hair down and have some fun, lots of strange games, seasonal food and perhaps the occasional ritual sacrifice of anyone who dared to turn up looking vaguely human, not that many of them manage to do so on a normal parade night.

Some of the sights on display were truly hideous too terrifying to describe one can only liken the full horror of the vision to that of a wing staff officers eyes on the morning after a Dining-In Night.

For those of you who can muster up the courage to look, we have provided a gallery of photographs; however, in the interests of your safety we have not published the most gruesome images (we're saving them for a caption competition) but be warned they are not a pretty sight.

View the terrifying Images


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