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Air Cadets Run the Gun
at 30 Signals regiment open day at Gamecock Barracks

On Sunday 04th July Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps did their bit to keep a fine Naval tradition alive as they 'Ran the Gun' at the 30 Signals regiment open day at Gamecock Barracks near Nuneaton.

The Cadet Gun Run, which has become an annual event at the 30 Signals regiment open day, is normally a keenly fought challenge between the Air Cadets and the Nuneaton based Sea Cadets. Unfortunately the Sea Cadets weren't able to take part again this year so it was all down to two Gun Teams from the Air Cadets to keep the tradition alive.

121 (Nuneaton) Squadron’s Red Field Gun Team storm their way to victory during the Navel Gun Run challenge – Click to View More Images

The Air Cadet display teams provided a demonstration of teamwork and discipline in the main arena as they conducted a Field Gun run using scaled replicas of the equipment traditionally used by the Royal Navy at the Royal Tournament since 1912. Hundreds of spectators were held spellbound as the two teams of 10 cadets disassembled, reassembled and manhandled their replica guns and limbers around a gruelling course.

This years run, although conducted by two teams from the Air Cadets proved to be as challenging as usual with a healthy degree of rivalry between the Red Team and the Blue Team with the Red team determined to get their own back for the defeat they suffered at the hands of the Blues last year. With commentary provided by Anker Radio, the spectators were encouraged to show their support for either the Red or Blue Gun Team. With both teams showing outstanding demonstrations of physical effort, discipline and teamwork, the Red Team eventually gained the upper hand over the Blues and managed to storm across the finishing line to victory in the fastest time.

121 (Nuneaton) Squadron’s Blue Gun Team reassemble their Navel Field Gun Run – Click to View More Images

The annual cadet Field Gun display has been made possible by the Rotary Club of Arbury who presented the Ivan Davys Field Guns to the Sea and Air Cadet units in recognition of the close working relationship between the Rotary Club and the two cadet organisations.

Having Run the Gun there was no time to spare for the members of the Red Team and the Blue Team as they hurriedly changed out of their respective colours into RAF blue for their next performance in the main arena as the Band of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron.

The Band of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron – Click to View More Images

Flight Lieutenant Ian Crewe officer commanding 121 Squadron said, "This was a fantastic public relations opportunity for the Squadron, with the Gun Run and the Band having performed in the main arena during such a high profile community event. The cadets have all worked extremely hard to perfect what has proved to be a spectacular Gun Run demonstration. What's even more impressive is that the same cadets who performed in the Gun Run had only a short interval between displays to change into their full Band uniform before re-entering the main arena to conduct their musical routine. Our civilian committee, staff and cadets have also done us proud once again this year with all the effort they have put into our balloon race”.

He added "The Field Gun Run is traditionally a Naval activity however for the second year running the Air Cadets have had to field two teams to keep the tradition alive. I hope the Sea Cadets will be able to join us again next year so that we can put the Navy back into the Naval Field Gun Run.”

The Young Guns from Nuneaton team up with the famous Royal Signals White Helmets – Click to View More Images

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