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Gunning for BTECís

When two of 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron's Naval Field Gun Teams provided a demonstration of teamwork and discipline in the main arena during the recent open day at Gamecock Barracks, one of the gun crews was one man short. So determined not to let the side down and disappoint the large crowd which was waiting to see the display, one of the adult squadron staff proved that they were more than capable of Running the Gun.

Gemma Bradbury (back row centre left) with the Air Cadet Naval Field Gun Team from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron

121 Squadron’s Field Gun and BTEC Instructor, Gemma Bradbury shows that she’s got what it takes to Run the Gun. Gemma helps to take the strain of the gun carriage as it’s run to the reassembly point.The staff member who stepped in at the last moment to ensure that the squadron could field two full teams of 10 required to Run the Gun, was 25 year-old Civilian Instructor Gemma Bradbury from Bedworth, who showed that she was more than capable of giving the cadets a good run for their money. Gemma who recently joined the Squadron as an instructor has in fact been responsible for coaching this year's Gun Team and she was more than happy to step in and get her hands dirty when the need arose.

Since joining the Nuneaton Air Cadets Gemma has also taken on the role of coordinating BTEC activities on the Squadron and has been doing an excellent job in trying to get 9 of the Squadrons cadets through their BTEC First Diploma in Public Services. Gemma sees the Gun Run training as being an ideal way of encouraging physical fitness and teamwork, both of which are key elements of the BTEC First Diploma in Public Services syllabus.

Gemma is currently going through the process of registering a large number of Nuneaton based cadets for the next round of courses for BTEC First Diploma in Public Services and BTEC in Music which are due to start later this year.

Field Gun and BTEC Instructor, Gemma Bradbury (centre) gives her tem a final briefing before the run

121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron is keen to see its cadets prepare for a successful future. The Cadet Vocational Qualification Organisation (CVQO) offers all cadets over the age of 16 with the opportunity to gain additional nationally recognised qualifications in the form of British Training Education Certificate (BTECs). Employers, colleges and universities will all recognise and be interested in the extra qualification. It doesn't matter if the cadet is heading out to work or college, a qualification through CVQO can give the additional edge needed to reach their goals.

The BTEC First Diploma in Public Services   mixes theory and practical elements with an emphasis on leadership, teamwork, communications, problem solving and fitness. This nationally recognised Level 2 qualification is equivalent to 4 GCSEs at A*- C level

The BTEC First Diploma in Music enables those cadets with an interest in music to develop a basic understanding of music as a profession and combines both technical skills with practical elements and research. This Level 2 qualification is equivalent to 4 GCSEs at A*- C level.

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