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Cadet Forces Gun it at the Parachute Regiment Spectacular

Cadets from all three services took centre stage in the main arena as they 'Ran the Gun' at the recent Parachute Regiment Spectacular in Bedworth

For the very first time, all three Cadet Forces line up to ‘Run the Gun’ at the Parachute Regiment Association Spectacular.

For many years Cadets from the Sea Cadet Training Ship Vanquisher and Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps have thrilled crowds as they 'Ran the Gun' at public events, but this year the level of competition stepped up a notch as the Nuneaton Army Cadets entered their very first team into the Gun Run.

With only two guns and three teams the first stage of the competition was run as an individual time trial using a single gun with the fastest two teams qualifying for the final run with both guns.

The Sea, Army and Air Cadet teams provided a demonstration of teamwork and discipline in the main arena as they conducted their individual time trials using a scaled replica of the equipment traditionally used by the Royal Navy at the Royal Tournament since 1912. Hundreds of spectators were held spellbound as the teams of 10 cadets disassembled, reassembled and manhandled the replica gun and limber around a gruelling course.

The final run of the competition was a face-off between the Sea Cadets and the Air Cadets. With both teams running side by side as they battled it out to see who could assemble and disassembled their guns in the fastest time.

Following an extremely close run the Air Cadets came out on top in first place.

The Army & Air Cadets join forces as a combined band

Having Run the Gun there was no time to spare for some members of the Army and Air Cadet Gun Teams as they hurriedly changed out of their Gun Run rig and formed up in the arena for the second time as a combined Cadet Band which did an excellent job of entertaining the large and enthusiastic crowd.

Flt Lt Paul Hincks officer commanding 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron said, "This was a fantastic public relations opportunity for the Cadet Forces as a whole and I am delighted to say that the Field Gun Run display has been greatly enhanced by having the Army Cadets on board. I was also pleased to see how well the Army & Air Cadets worked together as a combined band”.

He added, “The cadets have all worked extremely hard to perfect what has proved to be a spectacular demonstration of teamwork and music, something we should all be proud of. We all had a fantastic day and the final parade by the members of the Parachute Regiment Association and Cadet Forces was a true spectacle of colour led by the Parachute Regiment Association national standard. I would take this opportunity to thank the members of the Bedworth Branch of the Parachute Regiment Association for their hospitality".

The final parade, a true spectacle of colour led by the Parachute Regiment Association national standard.

Air Cadets from 121 (Nuenaton) Squadron proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the bearer of Parachute Regiment Association National Standard.

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