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Cadets take on the Veterans and Wasps to Run the Gun

Field Gun Running, Royal Air Force Air Cadets and a combined team of Forces Veterans and Wasps went head to head in the main arena during the Nuneaton Armed Forces Day event.

This year the Veterans were determined to win the race which has now become one of Nuneaton’s Armed Forced Day key attractions. However the Veterans found themselves short of five team members, thankfully five members of the Wasps hung up their rugby boots and joined the Veteransto form a combined team to take on the Cadets.

Considering the fact that none of the Wasps had even seen the Gun Run before their practice run, they did a brilliant job, making light of the heavy equipment that they had to disassemble, manhandle and re-assemble as they raced around the gruelling course.

After both teams had completed their timed runs it was the Air Cadets who had proved once again to be the victors, however the Forces Veterans and Wasps really gave the cadets a good run for their money.

Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “I am glad to say that once again, the Gun Run continues to act as an excellent demonstration of the importance of teamwork within the forces. All the cadets and I am delighted to say the veterans and the Wasps have all worked extremely hard today and I am glad that both the teams have been able to do their bit to help to make the Armed Forces Fun Day such a success.

He added, “Following the success of today’s Field Gun Run, we are now in discussion with the Wasps with a view to having them enter a Gun team for a re-match during the 30th Signals Regiment Open Day on the10th July .”

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