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Armed Forces Day Gun Run A Family Challenge

Gun Run - Armed Forces Family Fun Day Nuneaton

An Extra Challenge was added to a special Armed Forces Day Field Gun race as family members fought against each other to win.

For 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Cadets, Shaun Hadley and Atlanta Curless there was an added reason why they wanted to win the field gun race during Nuneaton’s Armed Forces Day. They were competing against their dads who were running the gun as part of the veteran’s gun team.

Air Cadet Shaun Hadley with his dad
Air cadet Atlanta Curless with her dad

As the Air Cadet and Veterans gun teams marched out into the main arena to run the Gun, little did they know that they were going to have to warm up in front of the crowd beforehand. The whole warm up session conducted by the Commando Outdoor Fitness was caught on a video which has now reached some of the veteran’s former regiments that are currently serving in Afghanistan. Rumour has it that the veteran’s former colleagues are going to try to replicate their warm up antics out in Afghanistan.

After the exhausting warm up session the Air Cadets and veterans were more than ready to run the gun. The two teams of ten ran the Field Gun against the clock, disassembling, reassembling and manhandling the replica gun and limber around the gruelling course.

Veterans Contact Point  Gun Team in action

After both teams had completed their runs it was the Air Cadets who had proved to be the victors, and they were presented with their trophy by Nuneaton veteran soldier Scott Blaney, who was the special guest at the event.

Nuneaton Air Cadet Gun Team in action

Veterans Contact Point charity committee members, who had organised the Armed Forces Family Fun Day at Nuneaton’s Old Edwardians Rugby Club ground, said they were delighted with the way in which the Air Cadets and Veterans teams had worked together to produce an outstanding display of teamwork.

Flt Lt Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “I am glad to say that once again, the Gun Run continues to act as an excellent demonstration of the importance of teamwork within the forces. The added element of competition introduced by the fact that we had Cadets running against their parents made the whole event much more challenging. All the cadets and I am delighted to say the veterans from the Veterans Contact Point have all worked extremely hard today and I am glad that both the Veterans and Cadets have been able to do their bit to help to make the Armed Forces Fun Day such a success.

Nuneaton veteran soldier Scott Blaney presents the trophy to the winning Air Cadet Gun Team

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