First time flyers Take Control

On a cold frosty December morning, 4 cadets from 121 Nuneaton Sqn got the chance to experience Gliding for the very first time in their cadet careers.

The morning after their final parade of the 2011 the 4 cadets were each given 20mins of air time in the Vigilant Motor Glider at 633VGS Sqn based at RAF Cosford.

After a delayed start due to the status of a frozen grass runway they finally got underway around 2 hours after arrival but the wait was worth it for the experience they had being able to see over 4 counties including parts of Wales complete with picturesque scenery of snow covered hills.

First time flyers Take Control

Each cadet flew one circuit and were shown the controls and what each of them did, they were also given the opportunity to take control of the glider for a short period and experience first hand exactly what it takes to fly a glider.

Speaking after his first flight in a glider Cdt Lawrence Stretton said ‘it was absolutely amazing I cant wait till I can do it again'

All the cadets enjoyed their time gliding and are already looking forward to the next available chance put themselves forward again.

it is an excellent opportunity for the cadets to experience flying in a powered glider and I urge all cadets who have never flown before to put themselves forward who knows it can also lead them to a Gliding Scholarship. I would like to thank the team of volunteer instructors and officers who run the school for giving up their time to support our cadets.

First time flyers Take Control

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