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Gamecock Barracks - Fieldcraft Training Weekend

Royal Air Force Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) and 198 (Hinckley) Squadron's abandoned their normal blue uniform, donned their DP (disruptive pattern) kit and cam cream and headed off to Gamecock Barracks near Nuneaton for their latest Fieldcraft Training weekend.

The Fieldcraft Training, involving cadets and staff from 121 and 198 Squadron's, was held within the training ground of Gamecock Barracks, home of 30 Signals Regiment and was the culmination of weeks of training and preparation.
The training given to the cadets during this activity was designed to reinforce their knowledge and skills in the following aspects of Fieldcraft:

  • Why things are seen.
  • Camouflage & concealment.
  • Field signals.
  • Judging distance.
  • Movement in the field.
  • Construction of a shelter.
  • Establishing Patrol harbours. 

Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, So much planning and hard work of the pat of the staff goes into organising a training weekend like this and I would take this opportunity to thank the staff for their efforts. It was however most unfortunate that we had to strike camp on Saturday night due to bad weather and come home early and thus I would once again thank all the staff for stopping behind in the pouring rain and dismantling the campsite”.

He added, “I would also take this opportunity to thank 30 Signals Regiment for permitting us to use the Gamecock Barracks training area.


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