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Gamecock Barracks - Fieldcraft Training

Royal Air Force Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron who abandoned their normal blue uniform, donned their DP (disruptive pattern) kit and cam cream and headed off to Gamecock Barracks near Nuneaton for their latest Fieldcraft Training exercise were treated to some glorious weather, ideal conditions for some of the first timers.

The Fieldcraft Training Exercise, involving cadets and staff from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, was held within the training ground of Gamecock Barracks, home of 30 Signals Regiment and was the culmination of weeks of training and preparation.

On arrival within the training ground the cadets received the pre-exercise briefing which set the scene for the operation. 

Following the briefing the cadets went straight into action with some demanding activities that were designed to put their classroom-based training into practice under field conditions.

This fieldcraft exercise was however, somewhat more testing than usual as we were joined by Squadron Leader Martin who was in attendance as an observer in his official capacity as the wing staff officer responsible for all fieldcraft activity within the wing.

Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “I am pleased to report that Sqn Ldr Martin was pleased with what he saw and provided some very useful guidance as to how the Squadron could progress with its future fieldcraft activities”.

“Sqn Ldr Martin also praised our Exercise Controller Sgt Graham Barber for the effectiveness of the briefing given to the cadets and way in which the day’s activities were being conducted. He also agreed to the approval of two other members of our staff as Authorised Fieldcraft Instructors.”

“It was nice to see all the hard work and effort put in by the Squadron’s staff being recognised by those further up the chain of command.”

He concluded, “I would take this opportunity to thank 30 Signals Regiment for permitting us to use the Gamecock Barracks training area and would extend special thanks to our Squadron staff & cadets who helped to make the whole exercise such an outstanding success”.


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