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On Thursday 18 th October Nuneaton Air Cadets headed the line-up of entertainment at a local Fellowship of the Services evening.

The Fellowship of the Services Chairman’s evening is an event, which attracts ex-service personnel and their families from across the Nuneaton and North Warwickshire area and the Band of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron ATC had been invited to start the evening off in style with their renditions of many classic service favourites.

The drum section treated the enthusiastic audience to the display drumming which had earned them second place in the percussion section of this years Central and East Regional band competition. The full band also played a medley of marches before moving on to lead a sing along selection of War Time classics.

The sing along was, as Flt Lt Ian Crewe who was directing the band put it, “Not Optional”. The audience didn’t need much encouragement to join in once they found out that Ian had a cunning plan to deal with anyone who didn’t enter into the spirit of things.

In spite of the fact that everyone joined in Flt Lt Crewe still had his plan, which he put into action when he selected an unsuspecting member of the audience to leave the safety of his seat and join the band by taking the place of the base drummer whilst the percussion section beat out their manic version of the Naval Hornpipe.

Flt Lt Ian Crewe Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “We are always keen to be invited to the Fellowships functions. It gives the cadets an opportunity to show of their musical talent as they bring back a touch of tuneful nostalgia to the ex-service members of the Fellowship of the Services. All things considered, an excellent evening for everyone. ”

Fellowship of the Services Chairman’s evening – Click to Enlarge
Fellowship of the Services Chairman’s evening. Unsuspecting member of the audience as base drummer – Click to Enlarge
Fellowship of the Services Chairman’s evening – Click to Enlarge

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