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Young cadets from all over the Midlands embarked on a gruelling weekend of mental and physical challenges. It turned out that the tests the cadets faced, were in fact a trial run for Exercise Executive Stretch, which is designed to enable young professionals from around the area to discover what team work is all about.

The cadets tackled challenges which most people would find daunting or near impossible. The cadet teams took on the worst the Army could throw at them and came out smelling of roses, well, you really don't want to know what they smelt of.

In total six teams, three from Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing ATC and three from the Army Cadet Force took part in the Exercise Executive Stretch trial run
The cadets arrived at Holcolmbe Moor on the Friday just as the weather took a turn for the worse, as it rained heavily the cadets made bivis and spent the night keeping dry.

The following morning they started on the exercises, which they all enjoyed. The highlights being the abseiling and the Krypton Factor assault course which the 121 Sqn cadet team completed in 6min 10 sec, not bad for a team of six, even the instructing staff were impressed. On the Sunday the cadets did another set of exercises, which ended with a raft-building test.

At the presentations the 121 (Nuneaton) Sqn team romped home with first place. The team were presented with Krypton Factor T-shirts as a memento of the weekend.


It's amazing what you can do with some odds and ends left lying around

"Messing about on the river"
121 on their improvised raft.

Air cadets try out some of their high flying skills on the Krypton Factor Assault Course.

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