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November proved to be a particularly successful month for many of our cadets. A total of twenty-two cadets sat and successfully completed their Air Cadet classification examinations during November.

Eight cadets sat their 1st Class cadet examination, all of whom managed to attain a mark of 80% or more in both written papers. The 1st Class cadet examination is in two parts. Part 1 practical, which is conducted by the squadron staff on a continual assessment basis covers Aircraft recognition, Basic radio communications, Drill, Initial expedition training and the rifle. Part 2 the written paper, which is set externally by wing, tests the cadet's knowledge of History of the RAF & ATC and Airmanship. The 1st Class examination, as the name suggests, is the first, and possibly one of the most important formal tests that a cadet will face during their ATC career. Successful completion of this stage of basic training enables cadets to participate in an extended range of activities such as visits to RAF stations and annual camps.

Eight cadets successfully sat the Leading cadet examination three of whom managed to attain a credit pass. The Leading cadet examination, set by HQ Air Cadets covers three subjects; Basic Navigation, Principals of Flight and Airmanship.

Six cadets took the Staff cadet examination and all of them managed to achieve a credit pass a fantastic result The Staff cadet examination is set in two parts. Part 1, a formal written examination, externally set by HQ Air Cadets covered two subjects; Airframes and Operational Flying. Part 2 tests are conducted during a course at wing headquarters, which covers subjects such as Instructional Technique and Administrative processes. The successful completion of this stage of training marks the end of a cadet's standard programme of classroom study. These six newly appointed Staff cadets will now take on a new and important roll, that of using their experience to help train younger cadets.

This is a fantastic set of examination results for the squadron, all those who took part should be congratulated on their success.

Successful cadets proudly show off their new 1st Class badges.

Twenty-two cadets sat and successfully completed their Air Cadet classification examinations during November.

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