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Air Cadets go green with their eco-friendly concept vehicles

On the 10th December cadets and staff at 121 Squadron took part in a competition to see who could design and build the best eco-friendly self-propelled vehicle. In an attempt to protect the environment the rules of the competition required that the designs should use renewable energy propulsion systems. Basically batteries and fossil fuels were out, elastic bands, air pressure and other stored energy devices were in.

In the face of a very demanding task, teams of cadets set off to build their creations. Not wanting to be left out some members of staff also invented and built their own machines which were shrouded in secrecy until the last moment in fear that someone would, how can we put it, borrow their ideas.

One by one the teams brought their creations up to the starting line to compete in the various categories of competition. Some of them literally failed to move whilst others shot off or crawled off on their way down the course to see which would go the fastest and furthest. For some strange reason some of the vehicles appeared to take a dislike to the spectators as they inexplicably change direction and tried to chase them down. One of the designs acted like a boomerang after its elastic band propulsion system insisted on returning the vehicle back to the starting line after every run.

Flt Lt Paul Hincks who organised the project said, “Most people are well aware of the increasing need to move towards environmentally friendly energy sources and this project was an opportunity for both cadets & staff to put their ingenuity to the test and come up with their own eco-friendly concept vehicles. We've all had lots of fun designing, building and test running our vehicles and I must say that I was very pleased to see so many different if not bizarre ideas. I don't expect any of our creations to be taken on by any big multi-nationals for further development but we have all had a valuable insight into the concept of developing eco-friendly vehicles.”

Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron go green with their eco-friendly concept vehicles - Click for more photographs

More photographs from eco-friendly concept project

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