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All that Square Bashing Brings Results

Preparation for the Drill competition is something that takes an enormous amount of time and dedication by both the Cadets and the Staff and this year our cadets certainly demonstrated that they are putting the effort in to their Square Bashing.

Last year our team came eleventh in the Drill competition and as such were determined to do better this year and that’s exactly what they did, coming in a more than creditable Sixth place this year and what’s even better is that our team scored the highest number of points in the Inspection element of the competition and that alone is something we should all be really proud of.

So let’s keep on improving our drill and spend lots of time polishing those parade shoes and pressing your uniforms and who knows what we could achieve next year.

Officer Commanding 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, “Once again we couldn’t have asked for more, so smart and a credit to the whole Squadron. A fantastic demonstration of how good drill can be when you get it right. A massive cheer from the whole Squadron for an outstanding performance”


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