Squadrons Joined Forces For
Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Expeditions

Royal Air Force Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) and 198 (Hinckley) Squadrons joined forces once again to put a total of 12 cadets through their practice Expedition element of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

The cadets from both Squadrons worked extremely well together within their groups, each taking their part in the map reading as they navigated their way around the two day route through the Leicestershire countryside between Congerstone and Wykin, sleeping under canvas overnight at Upton Barn.

During their time at the Upton Barn the cadets made the most of the good weather and the campsites facilities as they expended any remaining energy they had after the days walk playing all manner of different games on the activities field.

The expedition is one of four different sections of the Duke of Edinburgh Award that the cadets will have to complete before they qualify for the Bronze level award, the other three elements being:-

  • Volunteering – Participating in projects which help the local community.
  • Skill – Learning a new skill.
  • Physical Recreation – Improving their fitness through Physical Training

The four sections are covered as part of the training curriculum of the Air Cadets, which is the largest operating authority of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Each level of the Award Bronze, Silver and finally Gold, takes around 12 months to complete and is recognised by many organisations and prospective employers as an indicator of spirit, drive and determination in an individual.

Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Flt Lt Paul Hincks said "The cadets have worked extremely hard to get through their practice Bronze expeditions. I am really proud of all of them and would also like to thank all the staff from both Squadrons that got them there. The whole team, staff and cadets, from both units enjoyed the opportunity to get out into the countryside and worked so well together”.

“We are now looking forward to seeing the cadets who underwent the practice expedition complete their qualifying expedition and their final elements of the Bronze level award”.

“Not having had the necessary qualified staff at 121 Squadron, it’s been some time since we were able to run our own expeditions, however, with the experience gained by working alongside the team from 198 Squadron we are now in a position to organise the next Bronze expedition for cadets from both units”

“I would take this opportunity on behalf of all of those from 121 Squadron who took part to thank Flt Lt Parry and his staff from 198 Squadron for giving us the opportunity to team up with them, it really is appreciated”.

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