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On the 26 th June, The cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Air Training Corps, along with nearly 400 cadets, from the other 26 Squadrons in the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing, Met up at Bramcote Barracks for the annual competitions in events such as band, drill, public relations and shooting.

Wing Training Day is possibly the largest annual event for a Wing, and is a great opportunity to meet up with old friends from camps and other activities. The day is all about competitions, to see who is the best Squadron in the wing at particular activities, these activities are the band competition, the drill competition, public relations, the shooting competition, first aid and aircraft modelling. The day also offers opportunities to try and gain swimming certificates, and pass your 22. Rifle test.

The cadets from 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron ATC had one aim, to retain the trophies won last year. We practiced for many long weeks for the band competition, sometimes attending band practice three times a week to perfect our music and drill. This reflected when we were on the drill square. Our music was excellent and the drill was of amazing quality. We won the Band Competition for the 3 rd year running. All the cadets and staff were extremely happy that we won, especially with the amount of effort and practice that was put in.

We put a lot of preparation into the public relations activities to ensure we would have a good chance in the competition. We ended up winning all four public relations competitions which are best PR coverage over the year 2005, the Staff and Cadet photographic competitions and the award for the best website, . The public relations team will be representing the Wing at Regional level, which we hope to win for the 3 rd year running.

After this great day, we were really happy that we were able to maintain our Band and Public Relations trophies, and we will be putting even more effort in to try and beat Regional level and go on to the Corps Trophy.

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Cdt Cpl Rebecca Bennett and Cdt Cpl Dale Mckeown demonstrate the Nuneaton Squadrons award winning website – Click to enlarge Band of 121 (Nuneaton) Sqn ATC – Click to enlarge
Cdt Cpl Dale Mckeown collects the trophy for the photographic competition  – Click to enlarge

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Cdt Cpl Mckeown - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron

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