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On the 8th May, 2005 , the athletics team of 121 Nuneaton Squadron, ATC, left for the Hadley stadium, in Smethwick , to compete in the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing athletics tournament.

The 17 cadets in the 121 athletics team set off for the Hadley stadium at 8 am. An hour later, we arrived, confident that we would be taking away some medals.

Here is a list of the cadets in the Athletics team, and the events they took part in.
Event Class - A Class - B Class - C Class - D Class - E
100m / Cpl Mckeown,
Cdt Singleton
/ Cdt Adams Cpl Rodger,
Cdt White
200m Cdt Truman,
Cdt Diednan
Cdt Deacon / / Cpl Rodger,
Cdt White
400m / / / Cdt Adams /
800m / / / / /
1500m / / / / /
4X100m Relay / Sgt Brown,
Cpl Mckeown,
Cdt Deacon,
Cdt Harris
/ / /
High Jump / Cdt Goodman / / /
Long Jump Cdt Diednan Cpl Mckeown / / /
Discuss / Cpl Garrat / / /
Javelin Cdt Diednan,
Cdt Harding
/ / / /
Shot / Cpl Garratt,
Cdt Goodman
Sgt Barber / /

Every single cadet that took part in an athletics event tried their hardest, There were 4 cadets that were awarded medals for coming first (gold), second (silver), and third (bronze). These cadets were;

Cpl Rodger earned a Bronze medal in the girls 200m sprint.

Cdt Truman earned his silver medal in the boys 200m sprint.

Cdt Adams received a gold medal in the 400m race.

Cdt Harding threw himself into the bronze position as he came third in the Javelin event.

Some cadets came 4th in their respective events, just missing out on medals too.

The day was very exciting for all the cadets who attended. The atmosphere was great. We were all cheering each other on in the events, and we were extatic when our cadets received medals for their achievements.

"My favourite event was the 4X100m relay, we came second in our heat, and 4th in the final, just missing out on a bronze medal." Cpl Mckeown

Cpl Rodger Bronze in the girls 200m - Click to enlargeCdt Harding bronze in the Javelin - Click to enlargeCdt Adams gold in the 400m - Click to enlargeCdt Truman silver in the 200m - Click to enlargeClick to enlargeSome of the 121 Sqn team - Click to enlarge

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Cpl Mckeown - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron

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