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The Victory Show

Having learnt that the Vulcan wouldn’t be attending I was absolutely gutted but I wasn’t letting that ruin the good day that was ahead. We picked up SGT Barber from the SQN HQ along with another cadet and finally set off en-route to Cosby in Leicestershire. The weather was looking promising for the day with no rain forecast and sunny skies all day.

We arrived at Cosby around quarter to 9 and we immediately parked up and went straight to the gates to avoid the rush of people. We had to stand in the queue for around 10 minutes before we were allowed to go in. The site was already packed and full of reenactors preparing to demonstrate some of the weapons and equipment used from the early 1940’s. We  spent no time in getting the team photo out of the way and chose a very nice tank to have it in front of.

As I am a big lover of all things aviation, I immediately suggested that we should go to the flight line. The others said yes which meant we were able to get up close to the aircraft that were there, which included P-51 Mustangs, Spitfires, Seafire, Bristol Blenheim, Piper Cubs and much more, it was a great experience to get up close to them and see the detail of them. After visiting the aircraft line up we went and had a walk around the various tanks and 4x4 vehicles.

On one tank, the T32, a very nice gentleman gave us a very detailed talk about the tank, from where it originated from to how many people were used to operate it etc. After the talk he invited us to have a look inside, so we all somehow managed to climb on top of the tank and he again gave us another talk about the features of the tank inside. Personally I wouldn’t of liked to of been operating in it as it was very claustrophobic and very dark.

After having a walk around the various tanks and re-enactment locations we went for a wander into the woods, as whilst at a previous site we heard loud gunfire coming from the woods. We carried on walking and we stumbled across a re-enactment which was about to happen. A man came and introduced us to the re-enactment and all of a sudden it started with loud pyrotechnics and gunfire which scared me at first but then it was quite exciting. Then all of a sudden 2 soldiers come running around with a MG24 Machine Gun, lay down in front of us and fired it. I have never heard anything so loud before in my life! The battle lasted for around 10 minutes and was very detailed in what they done etc.

After the battle it was getting on for 1pm and we decided it was lunchtime and we went straight to the burger van, I had a very delicious cheese burger and ate it, it was gone in seconds! Whilst walking back I spotted a VTTST (Vulcan To The Sky Trust) tent and went to drown my sorrows, it was probably the closest I would be getting to the Vulcan that day. Anyhow I bought a T-Shirt and donated some money to help keep the Vulcan running! After, we heard that the main re-enactment was fast approaching and we decided to get a good view. The battle started with the 2 forces tanks approaching each other with their main guns firing, there was charges and explosions going off which made the whole experience more dramatic  and realistic. The main re-enactment lasted for around 15 minutes and ended with 1 side beating the other side.

After the re-enactment, the air show started. I was starting to get excited as the planes were starting to get ready, the main highlight was seeing the B25 Mitchell Bomber and the 2 P51 Mustangs, the other highlights were the Gloster Meteor, B17 Bomber, Seafire, Spitfires, Bristol Blenheim, and the Trig Aerobatic Team.

The day ended with the Spitfires and Hurricanes departing and me having a very sunburnt face and neck. We waited for around an hour after it had finished to avoid the traffic. An hour passed and we finally made it to the exit. We started the trip home reflecting on the brilliant day we had. We finally got home at around half 6.

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Article Submitted by:-
Cpl Matthew Waudby - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
20 Sep 15

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