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RAF Brampton Easter Camp 20-27th April 2011

On the first day we arrived at the squadron for 9:30am and shortly after the coach picked us up, it made one more pick up and then we travelled down to RAF Brampton. Everyone was anxious as to what lay ahead but also excited because for many it was their first camp. The bus journey took about three hours and we arrived at RAF Brampton. We were then greeted by the Staff personnel whom would be looking after us for the camp. After introductions were made we were then shown to our rooms, allocated into two separate flights. Given fire and safety briefs and marched down to the lower ranks mess for dinner. Once dinner was over we were set an initiative task in groups and had to go around base looking for the answers to certain questions, this helped us to get to know our way around the base.

RAF Brampton Easter Camp 20-27th April 2011

Now this was going to be our first full day and what a day it was. We marched down for breakfast at 7am and then got changed into sports kit as we would be travelling up to RAF Wyton for gym. It consisted of circuit training but with equipment such as exercise bikes and weight lifting machines. We all found it exhausting but at the same time very enjoyable and we had a lot of fun. Once gym had finished we got changed and travelled back to RAF Brampton to get into our swimming kit as we would then be going to another RAF station for two hours of swimming. Again it was exhausting, but was also a very fun as we tried many different activities and we were also given the chance to try and pass our intermediate swimming level. Finally we travelled back to RAF Brampton to have dinner have an initiative task and prepare our uniform for the next day.

The third day consisted of us wearing our greens uniform and again travelling down to RAF Wyton, this time for a go on some simulators, one of which simulated a vigilant which is the motor glider that as cadets we get the chance to fly in. The simulator was very life like and impressed many other people also. After a short lunch break we then did a number of initiative tasks then moved onto continuity drill which is a set of drill movements which must be completed in a flight and be done by memory. Later on we travelled back to RAF Brampton for dinner and a quiz to ease off into the evening.

Day four was certainly a pleasurable day as we were given a break from normal cadet activities. First off we went to a very impressive park which had a huge lake, the views were incredible and the weather really helped as it was very hot. Later on we played a view games of rounder's had lunch and travelled down to a bowling alley. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it. Once all of us had finished our games we had dinner at RAF Brampton and then went to the cinema to see Fast and the Furious 5. It was a good film and just generally a really great day.

Day 5 - we visited RAF Duxford which was very impressive, there were many hangers of planes which were organised into different sections i.e. USAF, WW2 aircraft and a great deal more. We stayed at Duxford until 3pm and then travelled back to RAF Brampton for a few games of sport and some circuit training. We had dinner and the rest of the evening was ours to prepare our uniform for the next day.

RAF Duxford RAF Duxford
RAF Duxford RAF Duxford


Day 6 - Shortly after breakfast we had an hour of circuit training and then a drill competition between the two flights which we had been preparing through the week. Everyone was a bit nervous as expected but it went well. We had our lunch on base and were then given some free time to prepare our light blue shirts as we would be going to an American airman cemetery. We were greeted by an ex USAF officer of whom guided us round the cemetery and told us many stories about certain ex-service men. It was very interesting and certainly worth the visit. Later on we had some free time then some cadets were given the honour of lowering the US flag. It was a proud moment and a good way to end the day. In evening we had “The paper plate awards”. They are awards given to everyone on camp and are presented by the cadets. On the plate it has a memory that everyone will remember that person by, the awards certainly made it a good and enjoyable evening.

Day 7 - The last day certainly did come around quick, no one could believe it. We travelled down to London today to visit a World War Two British memorial. It certainly was breath-taking to see how many names were displayed. A while after we then travelled to a World War two bunker. We were first shown into the communications room which is where part of the film “The Battle of Britain” was filmed. The guide talked all about how operations were carried out in the room, tactics that were used and many more things. Everyone found it interesting and it certainly is worth a visit. Shortly after a short clip about the Battle of Britain was shown and then we left the bunker to return to RAF Brampton for dinner. Once everyone had finished their dinner we would then be going to a place called “Laser-force”. What an evening it was. It basically involved teams of us going into a dark arena full of obstacles and shooting each other with lasers. There were all sorts of games modes that you could do, free for all, team death match and loads more. It was a really great way to spend the last night and just about everyone agreed.

The last day basically involved us taking the long trip home, it was thoroughly a great week and anyone thinking of going on future Easter camps I would definitely recommend. Everyone made great friends with everyone else and it was a week to remember.


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt James Talbot - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
12 May 11

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